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Vad spännande att läsa detta inlägg! I år kommer verkligen att vara en mycket minnesvärd födelsedag. Congrats on your * vackra * hem och önskar dig många, många år har det fyllt med glädje och kärlek. :-)


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Excellent post and I am not certain about what all the reader think but you really manage have some legitimate points there. For demonstration, it’s pleasing to really find good suppliers in this field. Keep managing what you're good at.

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Well if this man can build a new house then he is real dude.

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Failure by that committee would trigger automatic cuts in programs beloved by Democrats and Republicans, respectively, unless Congress later this year passed a Constitutional amendment requiring balanced budgets.


love it ! I'm not sure about what the other commenters think but you actually do have some valid points there. For example, I totally agree with what you're saying in the first paragraph. It's pleasant to actually find good contributors in this field. Keep doing what you're good at :)


hehe, I got the same feeling as Donna. Really motivates me ! :)

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Great and a clear path on how to score one.

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why you feel stupid in one domain but you're excellent in another..but u should be very care full cos ne mistake could be costly.

David SS

Nice review. I'm a fan of renaissance costumes for long time. Thanks for bringing up this issue!


very motivating , makes me wanna build something big someday

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Everybody has this moments , you feel stupid in one domain but you're excellent in another. It's the way life goes, you can't know everything .

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Man that roaming gnome shit is crazy. And congrats with the new house...

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Can you upload photo of your new house?

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interesting post! Only a third thought that relations between the two countries were about right.

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wow! Congratulations on the new house! I really wish you guys all the best!


It must be a nice feeling to build your own home, even with some outside help. Glad the house is finally finished.

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wow.. Congratulations on the new house! Wish you guys all the best!

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great post..hmm i agree with renaissance costume...

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You should always monitor them.. It would be difficult if you just leave them. One mistake could be costly.

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It's always tough to micromanage a project that requires so much of it. Leaving builders alone in a house is also very tough.

Joseph Marchelewski

You're right about the fear. I kind of always assume that builders, plumbers, mechanics and such think I'm stupid because I don't know what they know. Maybe they feel the same about us?

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