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Im not forgetting. It will be in my mind forever.


I think the defeat to Dutchman, at this World Cup they deserved the victory more than others. I, though not an octopus, but predict a goal Sneijder.

Ryan @ IQ test

Why retire early? Then you just sit around and die. Why not retire often? Kind of a 4 hour work week idea. - The Biggest Male Celebrity Online Resource

It takes some diligence to plan effectively for retirement...

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Hebeler took time out from his hectic schedule of skiing, golf, travel and running a site to share his thoughts.


I do think that inflation will be a problem in the next 5 years...


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Classic case of engineer outsmarts finance software :)


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Chris R

I get the feeling I'll be working for a very long time.

I see no reason to believe spending will drop as you retire. It probably will be more, because you will have less to do!

With no job you have more time to take expensive trips, shopping adventures, dining out, and other things to entertain you.

If anything you might need more money unless you plan to have no debt by then.


Thanks for your post. We ought to listen to those old MIT vets! Good information and very informative. I like what he has to say about how life's expenses don't slow. I know that when I retire, my wife and I will be seeing Europe, traveling to see our families, and doing a lot of those things that we couldn't when we were younger. That stuff costs!

Andrew Knight

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Jesse W.

Making money last, that seems to be the ongoing theme of life!

Jesse W.

Get Out of Debt

I like it and I do think that inflation will be a problem in the next 5 years.


Quite nicely written actually, i like it. :)

I don't see inflation as much of a problem because it is only about 3% a year. It is pretty darn easy to earn more then 3% a year wherever you look.

Pamela Grundy

At 55 and 57 we are no longer sure if we will ever get to retire, and this with two pensions, two 401ks, and both of us working our butts off. It's very depressing if I think about it too long, so I try not to, and I also try to do as much work I actually care about as possible and as little of what I hate as I can. That helps.


it takes some diligence to plan effectively for retirment. Inflation can always throw you a curve ball.

Retirement Plan

That article was better than you implied...the author was right, INFLATION is the trouble with a solid retirement plan. I have done a few studies on the subject entitled "Retirement Income Studies" on my site.

Anita Burnett

You are never too young to start planning for retirement, however, most people simply have no idea how much they are going to need. With lifespans getting longer it is possible that within a few years people could spend more time retired than they do working. This will have a big economic impact!


No everyone can retire early a lot of people want to keep on working in one form or another. One of my close friends is 85 and still works. He doesn't like being home.

Too true! Retiring early is not impossible but it does take work. The Forex is a great way to go for those willing to be actively involved in their investment/trading.

All it takes is a little knowledge.

tracy ho

Great post ,

Tracy ho

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